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To Whom it May Concern,
I recently found a coupon in AMAC magazine advertising a discount with your company. I have been looking to have my cassette tapes transferred to CD's for some time. I spoke to Laura and she was very accommodating, therefore I sent 15 cassettes to your company. When I received the CD's, I was happily surprised to find the original cassettes in the box plus in an envelope my identity stickers which were on each cassette. I again say I was surprised and amazed!! The CD's are perfect! I have more cassettes I will be sending soon, as well as a few VCR tapes to be transferred to DVD's. You really are the best. Thanks so much – Bonnie - Goodyear, AZ



We received the CDs yesterday. My wife played several tracks today. It was great to see her reaction as she listened. The audio was so clear. It was like her Grandma was in the room sharing her stories with her. Thank you for transferring the recording in such a excellent manner. -- Jim - Ohio Customer

Hi Laura, The CD's arrived today and they turned out great! As in one of my CD song titles: "You made me so very happy"!

Thank you so much for the wonderful service and communication. I look forward to doing business with you again and will tell my friends and family about you, too!

Sincerely - Tom T.

My order of super 8 and reel-to-reel transfers arrived this morning. So far, I have watched the DVD of the super 8 transfers, and I am VERY MUCH DELIGHTED!! Thank you for your excellent work. I thought the touch of the "Preview movie snippet" you added with the first title on each disc was such a great touch! I look forward to listening to the CD's. The "lost" memories have now resurfaced, and we are so pleased we took this step. When I get my "home" cassette tapes together, I'll contact you again. I have since listened to the reel-to-reel transfers to CD's. I couldn't be happier! They are so clear. Lots of happy memories, and its been a joy to be able to hear and see occasions I thought I would never be able to experience again. Thanks from a very happy customer.... and thanks for your help along the way. - Ann B.

The tapes I sent in were 30 years old or longer and had been sitting around not used as I had no projector. I sent my tapes into Audio Tape Transfer and they explained how bad and molded the tapes were. They explained how bad the tapes were and downloaded to a disc. They also enhanced a second disc with clean up the picture quality tremendously. The original disc had a lot of red and snow flakes on it from the mold on the tape. The second disc that was cleaned up was much much better than the original. The red was taken out and most of the snow flakes were removed. I had a hard time watching the first disc and felt the enhancement was will worth it. I sent a second batch in to have a transfer to disc done and they will enhance them also for me. Also very easy company to work with and will answer your questions. – Mike D.


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